The Founder

About the Founder

Born in 1947, Indonesian, Eddy Tampi is the founder of PT Sele Raya. He started his business from food supplier that caters West Papua people as well as to Petro Merten and ConocoPhillips. In 1971, he started to build housing for Local Government (Pemda) in Sorong, Papua. In 1972, he run first project with Pertamina for seismic survey and had executed for 5 years of drilling, recording, and pioneering. In 1994, he and his Company, PT Sele Raya, started to actively involved in exploration and production for several Blocks; Merangin Dua and Belida (South Sumatera) and Blora (Central Java), Mayumi Block, Sembakung Field, and BWP Meruap.

Succeeding in leading Sele Raya, Eddy Tampi believed that his company could expand by offering highest price in tender as well as high commitment dedicated to the Nation. From 1972 – 1994, Sele Raya had proved its best performance and dedication by obtaining contract and awards from Caltex – Pertamina CGG/GECO ARCO Conoco.

Through his leadership and principal in leading an oil and gas Company, PT Sele Raya brought reliance to external parties to perform sharing contract with Pertamina & BWP Meruap (successfully lifing 4000 BOPD).

Eddy Tampi also believes that without the support from the Government, he and his Company’s effort  would not be optimized the performance of exploration. As an Indonesian citizen, he believes with the support from the Government, the Nation would be able to achieve oil production of 1,4 million BOPD based on national needs of oil per day currently.