Sele Energi is a highly focused, privately owned national group of energy-focused companies with international management values. Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, our core business is focused on upstream exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas in Indonesia with additional energy interests that include alternative energy.

As one of the best safety and environmental records in the industry, Sele Energi has the ability to assess, manage and execute technically complex projects derived from our origins in the ’70s as a leading oil and gas contractor. The Company also has a stable management team and streamlined organizational structure for fast decision – making environmental.

As a streamlined group of businesses with deep industry knowledge and expertise, the Company affords to move fast and decisively to capitalize on opportunities and build partnerships. This is further facilitated by our extensive familiarity with the local environment, regulatory climate and good networks.

Moreover, the Company is committed to ensuring and investing in our long term future. For example, to secure the long term future of the company, it has allocated a substantial percentage of its long term expenditures to explore and secure new oil fields in keeping with its vision of becoming a leading oil and gas company in the Asia Pacific region.